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Programme 3 – Database

Developed by Jennifer Gottschalk, Whangaparaoa College, 2018

This programme is based on flipped learning pedagogy and uses an eBook tutorial that includes embedded video. Students are provided with detailed instructions and walk-throughs showing how to create a fully functioning, refined database and website using HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP. It is assumed that students have previously completed teaching and learning on web (and/or completed the achievement standard 91880: Develop a digital media outcome) and are able to create basic HTML and CSS websites.

Students will:

  • create a simple database via PHPMyAdmin’s dashboard
  • repurpose a simple website so that it can be used to display information held in the database
  • query the database and display the results on a web page.

Programme 3 – Database materials

Last updated December 14, 2018