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Cross curricula approach

A cross curricula approach requires teachers to plan with other teachers. One such approach can be around a local or global issue.

In level 6 of the curriculum, if students study The Treaty of Versailles and the impact of NZ governing Samoa after WWI in History, this could create the opportunity to study the consequences of cultural change when Samoan people migrate to New Zealand. In geography this could be using Samoa as a case study when understanding population geography concepts.

Another way of looking at a cross curricula approach is to think of a year level in social science. There could be a social studies focus in one semester and another subject in the social sciences in another semester. Teachers could look at an achievement objective approach or theme approach.

Geography level '6.1 Understand that natural and cultural environments have particular characteristics and how environments are shaped by processes that create spatial patterns': The context of water could be used and AS 12.3 could be assessed. This theme could be developed through senior social studies achievement objective 6.1: Understand how individuals, groups, and institutions work to promote social justice and human rights.

Frequently English teachers choose literature (plays, novels and poetry) that has significant social contexts (for example, crime and deviance, family stress, political themes). Some sciences investigate aspects with significant social impacts (gene manipulation – designer babies), and geographers examine the pressures of urban change (family structures) and the shaping of communities. All these contexts offer opportunities to link learning for young people.

Last updated August 28, 2012