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Teaching as inquiry

The NZC  Teaching as Inquiry model places the student at the centre of teaching and learning.

While students are at its heart, teaching as inquiry isn’t just about student learning; it’s also about teacher learning.

When teachers inquire into the relationship between their teaching and their students' learning, they add to the knowledge and skills they can use to respond to the particular needs, interests, and strengths of the diverse students in their classes.

There is no particular starting or ending point of the inquiry, and it should be used as a cyclical process. A cycle of inquiry is the best guarantee that teachers don’t carry on doing what they’re doing if it is no longer working or it is not working for particular students or groups of students.

The ultimate purpose of the teaching as inquiry cycle is to achieve worthwhile learning that will lead students to become 'confident, connected actively involved, and lifelong learners' (NZC).

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Last updated August 20, 2019