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Business themes: Level 8

A student will be able to:

Business functions

  • evaluate and recognise strategic improvements to a business plan
  • develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and evaluate how it contributes to a business’ global success
  • analyse the importance of quality in business success
  • explain the role of innovation in business success.

People in business

  • analyse the human resource process from a strategic perspective
  • analyse the role of cultural intelligence in global markets.

Business management

  • evaluate methods used by business to manage change effectively
  • evaluate a business’s need for assistance
  • use investment appraisal methods and evaluate for decision making
  • analyse factors affecting business location
  • analyse the role of intellectual property in the global market place.

Business environment

  • evaluate sustainable (social and cultural) business expectations and practices
  • evaluate the impact of changes in the global marketplace on businesses
  • evaluate the role of multinational businesses in the global economy and analyse their impact on the host country
  • explain the risks and opportunities involved in expanding globally.

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Last updated November 29, 2011