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Business themes: Level 7

A student will be able to:

Business formation

  • discuss types and features of organisational structures of businesses and their advantages and disadvantages.

Functions of business

  • develop and refine a business plan
  • design, conduct, and present market research for a product
  • explain factors in relation to the production process and the supply chain
  • identify growth strategies and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

People in business

  • explain motivation theories and practice
  • explain the roles and skills of managers and leaders
  • explain the roles of trade unions and employer associations
  • explain organisational culture.

Business management

  • use financial information for controlling, reporting, and decision making
  • explain the need for internal controls.

Business environment

  • explain the role global trends play in business success
  • discuss corporate social responsibility and philanthropy
  • explain sustainable (economic) business expectations and practices
  • explain political, social and technological influences/constraints on businesses
  • explain the need for an enterprise culture in New Zealand society
  • explain ethical expectations and issues relating to business activities.

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Last updated November 29, 2011