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Business themes: Level 6

A student will be able to:

Business formation

  • describe the different types of business and explain their advantages and disadvantages
  • identify funding options for businesses and discuss factors that influence these options.

Functions of business

  • develop a business plan
  • describe the importance of market research
  • describe the marketing mix in relation to a target market
  • describe the types of production used for goods and/or services.

People in business

  • identify effective business communication
  • identify effective processes for recruiting employees
  • outline the rights and responsibilities of the employer and the employee
  • describe the role and skills of the entrepreneur.

Business management

  • outline the importance of business aims and objectives
  • outline why businesses keep financial records
  • outline the cash flow cycle (including budgets)
  • define different types of business success.

Business environment

  • outline how and why business contributes to the development and well being of society
  • identify the stakeholders of a business
  • identify sustainable (environmental) business expectations and practices
  • identify legal, economic, and environmental constraints on business
  • describe the competition in the local business environment
  • outline the opportunities for business arising from global connections.

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Last updated November 29, 2011