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Achievement standard 90844 - Business studies 2.2

Demonstrate understanding of how a large business responds to external factors.

This achievement standard relates to learning objective 7-1.

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • explore how and why large businesses in New Zealand make operational decisions in response to internal and external factors.

Explanatory note 2

Contexts for learning

A typical learning context is a large business in New Zealand of more than 20 employees or with a regional or national significance that allows students to demonstrate their understanding of how and why businesses respond to external factors and the consequences of operational decisions.

Business knowledge, concepts, and content

Students are expected to demonstrate understanding of the following business knowledge, concepts, and content:

  • political influences (changes to government policy, trade unions and employer associations)
  • social influences (demographic changes on sales and production, ethical influences and societal expectations of business activity)
  • impact of technological change
  • legal influences (the Employment Relations Act 2000, Resource Management Act 1991, Privacy Act 1993).

Related Māori concepts

Māori concepts that relate to this achievement standard include:

  • tikanga
  • pūtake
  • tūranga
  • kaitiakitanga
  • rangatiratanga.

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Last updated February 5, 2015