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Achievement standard 90839 - Business studies 1.3

Apply business knowledge to an operational problem(s) in a given small business context.

This achievement standard relates to learning objective 6-1.

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • understand how, as a result of internal and external factors, small business owners make operational decisions that have consequences for the success of their business.

Explanatory note 2

Contexts for learning

In a given small business context, this achievement standard requires students to discuss an operational problem, its causes and impacts, and apply business knowledge to provide a range of possible solutions and recommendations for the problem.

The operational problem will be a routine problem/issue affecting the business. These include problems arising from:

  • recruitment of employees (poor recruitment practices, skills shortages)
  • cash flow (slow payers, bad debtors, low sales, credit tightening)
  • workplace incidents (workplace accident, workplace conflict)
  • marketplace changes (new competitor, negative publicity)
  • production disruption (natural disasters, pandemic, technology breakdown)

Related Māori concepts

Māori concepts that relate to this achievement standard include:

  • tikanga
  • pūtake
  • tūranga
  • kaitiakitanga
  • rangatiratanga.

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Last updated February 5, 2015