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Achievement standard 91384 - Business studies 3.6

Carry out, with consultation, an innovative and sustainable business activity.

This achievement standard relates to learning objective 8-1

Students will gain knowledge, skills and experience to:

  • analyse how and why New Zealand businesses operating in global markets make operational and strategic decisions in response to interacting internal and external factors.

and to learning objective 8-2.

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:

  • plan, take to market, review and then refine an innovative, sustainable business activity; analyse the activity and its success in the market place.

Explanatory note 2

Contexts for learning

The context for learning is an innovative, sustainable business activity that is developed, carried out and evaluated by the students.

The emphasis is on experiential learning and builds on the business activities carried out at levels 6 and 7 of the curriculum and NCEA levels 1 and 2.

This activity will be carried out and evaluated in consultation with specialist advisors. It is possible to combine this with AS3.4 and AS3.7. However, teachers should be aware of potential high stakes involved in combining standards.

Modern business practice is often based around temporary project teams. This business activity could reflect this practice if teachers encourage students to select tasks based on individual strengths and interests, rather than assigning students to permanent roles. Examples of this are rotating leadership roles in meetings, when dealing with stakeholders and general tasks.

This achievement standard requires students to:

  • thoroughly develop a business pitch to highlight the innovative aspects of the activity and present the business case
  • engage in consultation with specialist advisors in relation to the innovative, sustainable and ethical aspects of the business activity
  • comprehensively evaluate the business activity against desired economic, social, cultural (including ethical) and environmental outcomes using an analytical tool such as the quadruple bottom line.

Business knowledge, concepts, and content

This achievement standard requires that students demonstrate understanding of the following business knowledge, concepts, and content:

  • innovation (originality, invention, commercialisation or improvement with reference to business formation, functions, people, management and environment)
  • sustainability (economic, social, cultural (including ethical) and environmental outcomes).

Students should demonstrate other relevant business knowledge, concepts, and content or Māori Business concepts, if relevant, throughout the entire business activity. For Māori Businesses, the cultural values and priorities should be clearly articulated and provided for in the planning and evaluation phases.

Related Māori concepts

Māori concepts that relate to this achievement standard include:

  • tikanga
  • pūtake
  • tūranga
  • kaitiakitanga
  • rangatiratanga.

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Last updated July 11, 2012