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New Chemistry achievement standards 91161 and 91162 create greater curriculum alignment.

A group of six experienced Chemistry teachers have been working over several months with the Ministry of Education and NZQA to revise the internal Achievement Standards around quantitative and qualitative analysis at Level 2 NCEA. Two newLevel 2 achievement standards were developed to replace the two existing Level 2 standards that are considered to be less well aligned to the NZC, particularly in terms of how they reflect the nature of Science Achievement Objectives of the Science learning area.

Two fresh assessment resources have also been developed to support each new standard. The rationale for the changes is the need to shift away from purely procedural practical standards toward richer investigative standards that assess Chemistry learning in authentic contexts, but still recognise the importance of both quantitative and qualitative analysis as fundamentally important aspects of Chemistry.

The updated achievement standards are now available on  NZQA’s website and  new assessment resources are available.