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Three vertically stacked dot plots entitled ‘Height for year levels’, with the top row year 9 or 10, middle row year 7 or 8, and bottom row year 5 or 6. The three plots share a horizontal scale of height in centimetres (cm) from 120 to 180 cm. Each plot consists of vertical stacks of dots, where one dot represents the height of one student, with dots for multiple students in a given year group at the same height stacked in a column one on top of the other. Year 5 or 6 data ranges from approximately 128 cm to 157cm, with a large grouping around 140 cm. Year 7 or 8 appears shifted to the right of year 5 or 6, with an approximate range from 134 cm to 172 cm and peaks between 150 and 160 cm. Year 9 or 10 data appears shifted to the right of year 7 or 8, with an approximate range from 148 to 178 cm, and a central grouping between 160 and 170 cm.

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Last updated September 9, 2010