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An X–Y scatter plot entitled ‘Female ideal and actual weights’, with actual weight in kilogrammes (kg) along the horizontal (x) axis and ideal weight (kg) along the vertical (y) axis. Points, each representing a female student, are located at the intersection of measured actual weight and self-perceived ideal weight. For example, a student weighing 70 kg who believes their ideal weight to be 65 kg appears on the plot at the (x, y) coordinate point (70, 65). Points are clustered along a trend line with approximate slope of 0.6, starting from the point (0,18.661) on the y-axis, such that equal numbers of points are above and below this line. Most points are located near the values (60, 50), with only 5 points to the right of 80 kg actual weight or above 70 kg ideal weight.

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Last updated September 10, 2010