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Body of knowledge

Although Agribusiness is not a stand-alone learning area in the New Zealand Curriculum, it is drawn from and does have clear connections to three learning areas and that its body of knowledge sits across these three areas as an overarching structure. These are:

  • Technology
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

By pulling a body of knowledge from existing curriculum learning areas it allows:

  • Rigour
  • Cross curricular material, avoiding a ‘silo’ based approach
  • The encouragement of team teaching and utilisation of staff strengths
  • The encouragement of a STEM approach where multidisciplinary strands run across a programme of work. Including social sciences where inquiry is also informed by approaches originating from such contributing disciplines as history, geography, and economics.

Agribusiness itself comprises four key strands that would weave through the three curriculum learning areas as identified above. It is essential to note that Agribusiness is seeking a balance across learning areas not a focus on a particular learning area as what is important is the equal nature of the business. For example, both the technology and science behind the subject.

For more information on the Agribusiness body of knowledge and matrix of outcomes, refer to this document:

Last updated December 15, 2017